• If you are in the business of providing Compliance or Safety assistance to Transport industry then the eLogbook Partner Program provides you with valuable tools and resources to confidently market, co-sell, re-sell or become eLogbook Ready so you can deliver additional Safety and Compliance based elog apps fast and close more business.

Accredited eLogbook Trainer (ALT)

  • The eLogbook Partner Programme provides you with valuable tools and resources to confidently work with your clients to become eLogbook ready. You can help your clients to integrate eLogbook into their business processes.

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Alliance Partner

  • The eLogbook Alliance Partner category is ideal for organisations with products and services complementary to eLogbook. Under this programme partners share leads and jointly participate in marketing and promotional activities aimed at helping both organisations increase demand for their own products and services.

Developer Program

  • Developer partners handle the needs of their customers from implementation of eLogbook through to full integration. Business Analysis to installation through to support. This process normally involves studying the client's current infrastructure, evaluating the client's needs, specifying the mix of GPS or AVL tracking software incumbent with the client and software required to meet project goals, implementing the integration components.